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About Non-GLP Toxicology

        The discovery of new pharmaceuticals is a complex and lengthy process that involves a variety of tests to determine their safety and efficacy. In drug discovery, toxicology is used to evaluate the safety of potential drugs and the potential risks associated with their use. 

        Prior to IND-enabling GLP toxicology, properly designed non-GLP toxicology study can help minimize the failure risk during preclinical studies with reasonable costs. With the same highly regarded scientific rigor, in non-GLP studies, flexible study design and protocol modification, streamlined processes and documentation means faster study initiation, accelerated QA process, and easier data delivery, thus shorten the time required for your decision-making.

        Tox team at Truwaybio has rich experience in designing and executing preclinical tox studies, in-life monitoring and pathology examinations. You can design your toxicology studies using our online template and check the timeline and quotation.
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