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Truwaybio-CEO’s Message
Become Your Own Laboratory

We insist on change and innovation, stand at the forefront of the torrent of history, and move forward firmly. We embrace reform, opening up and economic globalization, brave the wind and rain, conquer thousands of miles, and display our ambitions in the sky and the sea. We accumulate energy, stay true to our original aspirations, and aim to provide professional services to more listed companies.

We understand that data quality is critical to your decision-making.

Truwaybio helps you develop new drugs and develop together with China's biopharmaceutical industry.

Company Profile

Truway Biotech is committed to providing highly flexible preclinical drug R&D services, including preclinical target screening and evaluation, enzymatic/cell-based activity screening, pharmacological research, DMPK screening, in vivo PD and efficacy studies and Non-GLP toxicology studies etc.

Our service philosophy is to Become your own R&D laboratory through flexible and cost-effective services. Through our flexible business terms, timely information communication, and efficient scientific discussions, you can obtain as much information as possible from each study, so as to maximize its value.

We understand that data quality is critical to your decision-making. We refer to the GLP quality management system and have passed ISO certification. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the experiment, we promise to help you repeat the experiment for free or waive the fee.

Truwaybio, assist in your new drug research and development, and develop together with the Chinese biomedical industry.

  • CRO Company
  • Global Service
  • Refer to GLP Quality Management System and Passed ISO Certification
  • High-quality Staff Echelon
Our Philosophy
  • Development Purpose

    Contribute to a healthy life

  • Our Vision

    Create maximum value for employees and customers

  • Our Mission

    Become your own laboratory with flexible and cost-effective services

  • Development Strategy

    ▪ Flexible cooperation

    ▪ Protecting intellectual property

    ▪ Technical competence

    ▪ Cost-effective service

    ▪ Quality assurance

    ▪ Efficient communication

Talk to our experts?

Business:+86 185-0139-0702

Technology:+86 137-7300-5709

Website Usage Help:+86 188-6238-7270

landline:+86 0512-80601059




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