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Syngeneic Tumor Models

        Tumor immune drugs mainly use drugs to mediate a sound immune system to inhibit cell growth to achieve tumor suppressive effects. Therefore, in preclinical animal pharmacodynamic experiments, mice with normal immune systems need to be used to inoculate homologous tumor cells to establish syngeneic tumor models.

        Syngeneic tumor models are experimental models used to evaluate the efficacy of anti-tumor drugs. It involves inoculating tumor cell lines of the same background into immunocompetent inbred mice, and using this as a model for the study of disease mechanisms and drug screening. 

        The advantage of this model is that it can maximize the simulation of the real-life situation of the tumor microenvironment, has full immune activity, and this immune system is compatible with the syngeneic transplant tumor tissue. Common syngeneic tumor models include mouse tumor models, rat tumor models, etc. 

        The disadvantage of this model is that the transplanted mouse tissue may not fully represent the complexity of human tumors in clinical situations.

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