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PBMC-humanized Xenograft Models

       By injecting adult PBMC cells into immunodeficient mice to construct a PBMC humanized mouse model, a related tumor immune model can be quickly established for research related to mature human T cells.

       Truwaybio and Vital River cooperate to use the NOG-dKO mice introduced by Vital River (NOG-MHC I/II-2 KO, NOD.Cg-B2mem1Tac Prkdcscid H2-Ab1tm1Doi Il2rgtm1Sug/JicTac) to construct a PBMC humanized mouse xenograft model.

       In the commonly used NOG or NSG mice, a PBMC humanized mouse xenograft model is established. Usually, more obvious GvHD can be observed after 4-5 weeks. However, after inoculating PBMC in NOG-dKO mice, the occurrence of GvHD is significantly delayed to about 12 weeks, the medication window period and the tumor-bearing survival period are significantly prolonged, and the tumor growth rate is more stable.

PBMC-humanized Xenograft Models established by Truwaybio
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