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Terms of Service
  1. 1. Service Agreement: This is our company (Suzhou Truwaybio Biotechnology Co., Ltd., hereinafter referred to as The contract terms ("Standard Terms") under which "the Company" or "Party B") provides services to you (hereinafter referred to as "Party A"). These Standard Terms, together with the Company's quotation (if any) and supplementary terms (if any), constitute a service contract ("Contract") between the Company and Party A. When Party B sends an order confirmation to Party A by email, submits service results, or otherwise takes action to provide Party A with a quotation or service results in the confirmation (hereinafter referred to as the "results" or "products"), Party A accepts When placing an order, it means that Party A and Party B have reached the service agreement.

  1. 2. Delivery time: Party B will try its best to ensure that the service order is completed within the promised delivery time. However, due to the influence of order difficulty, throughput, etc., Party B's delivery cycle for the entire service may be overdue. Both parties should negotiate and adjust based on the actual difficulty of the project. If Party B's work cannot be completed on time due to Party A's proposed modifications, the execution can be postponed, and the extension time shall be determined by both parties through negotiation. If the delivery of results cannot be completed due to irresistible objective factors or insurmountable technical problems, Party A shall pay the corresponding fees for the completed part.

  1. 3. Delivery content: After Party B completes the experiment within the specified time, Party B will deliver the experimental results, data and technical reports as well as the remaining experimental materials provided by Party A to Party A. Party B keeps detailed original experimental records (including electronic records). The general retention period is 2 years, except for application materials or otherwise agreed by both parties.

  1. 4. Acceptance of delivery content: Unless otherwise agreed between the company and Party A or the company expresses otherwise in the quotation, after receiving the results delivered by Party B, if Party A has any questions about the quality of the results, it can Send an email directly or call the project leader, and Party B will provide an explanation and solution within [5] working days; for orders delivered more than [1] month, Party B will not accept quality objections.

  1. 5. Quotation and validity period: The price of the service is shown in the quotation written by Party B to Party A. If additional costs are incurred during the experiment (such as additional reporting fees or special reagent costs, etc.), Party A’s consent must be obtained in advance and shall be borne by Party A. Please pay attention to the validity period of Party B’s quotation. Party A needs to keep Party B's quotation confidential and cannot disclose it to a third party, otherwise Party A will bear relevant economic losses, regardless of whether Party A and Party B establish a valid contract based on the quotation content, and regardless of whether it is terminated or terminated.

  1. 6. Payment: Unless otherwise specified in the quotation, Party A must make payment in the currency specified in the payment notice within 30 working days from the date of issuance of the payment notice. Each order is a separate transaction, and Party A cannot offset one order with another. Party A shall promptly pay the commissioned experiment fees as stipulated in this contract, and pay liquidated damages of 0.05% of the amount payable for each day overdue. Party A agrees to pay such overdue fees as required by Party B. If Party B appoints a collection company or attorney to recover any unpaid amounts, Party B may collect them from Party A, and Party A also agrees to pay all reasonable collection costs, including all related reasonable attorney fees.

  1. 7. Party B’s confidentiality obligations: Party B shall be obliged to keep confidential the customer information, order content, order-related materials and order delivery results provided by Party A, and shall not disclose or privately transfer the above confidential information to a third party; otherwise, Party B must compensate Party A related economic losses to the party.

  1. 8. Party A’s confidentiality obligation: Party A shall be obliged to keep confidential the price information, any technical information, materials provided by Party B, and all information related to Party B that is known due to the performance of this contract, and shall not disclose or privately disclose the above confidential information. Transfer to a third party; otherwise, Party A must compensate Party B for relevant economic losses.

  1. 9. Liability for breach of contract: If Party A terminates the contract early without justifiable reasons, Party B has the right to refuse to return the prepaid fees. If Party B terminates the contract early without justifiable reasons, all fees collected and remaining experimental materials shall be returned to Party A.

  1. 10. Intellectual property rights: Party A enjoys all intellectual property rights of the experimental results delivered under the order, including but not limited to all rights in scientific papers, scientific research results, technical secrets, patent applications and transfer of results, etc. Without the written consent of Party A, Party B shall not publish relevant articles, use relevant results on its own, or disclose any information related to the performance of this Agreement and experimental results to any third party.

  1. 11. Applicable law: Party B is a company established in accordance with the laws of the People's Republic of China and must abide by relevant Chinese laws and regulations, including but not limited to biosafety law, export control law, etc.

  1. 12. Dispute resolution: This contract and its performance will be governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China, without regard to its conflict of law provisions. Any disputes or claims arising under or in connection with this contract shall be settled by the people's court where Party B is located.

  1. 13. If Party A needs to sign a separate agreement with Party B regarding this service due to internal financial process requirements, it shall be consistent with the content of these Terms; if there is a conflict between the two, the content of this Agreement shall prevail, unless otherwise signed The agreement clearly points out the content of this article and makes different stipulations.

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