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In Vivo PK

In preclinical studies, important PK parameters of compounds include: 

     (1)  Clearance rate (CL) 

     (2)  Apparent volume of distribution (Vd) 

     (3)  Half-life (t1/2) 

     (4)  Bioavailability (F%) 

     (5)  Protein binding rate (fu) 

Except for the protein binding rate, which is obtained through in vitro analysis, the other four important parameters are all from animal in vivo PK experiments.  

With many years of experience in in vivo PK experiments on animals, Truwaybio has provided reliable, flexible and cost-effective services to hundreds of clients at home and abroad.  

Truwaybio can provide a variety of in vivo PK experiments.  

Animal Species: Rat (SD, Wistar), Mouse (ICR, Balb/c, C57BL/6, and special strains of mice requested by clients), Dog, Monkey; 

Time Points: 5 min – 24 hr for continuous collection of 8-9 time points; 

Dosing Route: IV, PO, IP, SC, etc.; 

Blood Collection Sites: jugular vein puncture (rat/mouse), orbital venous plexus (rat/mouse), calf saphenous vein (rat), cardiac puncture (rat), forelimb vein (dog/monkey) 

Preformulation service: In order to ensure the quality of in vivo PK experiments, Truwaybio provides clients with free preformulation screening and optimization services.

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