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  • Ask What preclinical drug R&D services is Truwaybio committed to providing to new drug R&D companies?

            Truwaybio Biotech is committed to providing highly flexible preclinical drug research and development services to new drug research and development companies, with service content covering Enzymatic/cytological activity screening, Pharmacological study, DMPK screening, In vivo pharmacodynamic study, In vitro predictive toxicology studies and Non-GLP toxicology experiments etc.  

            Our service concept is to become your own R&D laboratory through flexible and cost-effective services. Through our flexible business terms, timely information communication, and efficient scientific discussions, you can obtain as much information as possible for each experiment, thereby maximizing the value of the experiment.  

            We understand that data quality is critical to your decision-making. We refer to the GLP quality management system and have passed ISO certification. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the experiment, we promise to help you repeat the experiment for free or waive the fee.

  • Ask How to learn more about Truwaybio R&D services?

    1. You can call Truwaybio staff through "Contact Us" in the floating navigation bar on the right;

    2. You can put forward your needs through the "Online Message" function in the floating navigation bar on the right,

     and Truwaybio will respond promptly.

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