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Truwaybio Biotech sincerely invites you to meet in Suzhou | China Biomedical Innovation Cooperation Conference

Company News Jun 25,2023




Conference introduction
About Conference


  The original intention is as solid as rock, and the mission is on our shoulders. As an industry with large investment and long cycle, biomedicine especially needs the support and cultivation of government policies, the long-term persistence of enterprises and scientists, and the multi-channel opening up of the upstream and downstream industrial chains to fully empower the development of the industry. Since the reform and opening up, our country has bid farewell to the dilemma of lack of medical treatment and medicine. The pharmaceutical industry started in difficulties and has now ushered in explosive growth. Nowadays, a large number of outstanding companies, scientists, and entrepreneurs have emerged and are pioneering, constantly unlocking new ideas, new methods, and new explorations on the road of innovative research and development.

  On June 29-30, 2023, the 9th China Biopharmaceutical Innovation Cooperation Conference (BIO-PHARM2023) and the 2023 China Biopharmaceutical Industry Value List will be held in Suzhou. The conference will set up 10+ special forums and invite 200+ industry leaders. 1,800+ expert audiences, a two-day forum. Comprehensive links and exchanges in the form of keynote reports, round table discussions, private seminars, one-on-one business negotiations, list release, award banquet newspaper display, etc.!

  In addition to professional academic forums, the "2023 China Biopharmaceutical Industry Value List" produced by Courtyard Medical and the Chinese Medical Research Institute will also be officially announced on the day of the conference. The list will combine competition elements, commercialization elements, value elements, and strategic elements. , product elements, team elements and other dimensions, and conduct in-depth evaluations of industries, industries, and companies to form the final "2023 China Biopharmaceutical Industry Value List", and an award ceremony will be held at a special dinner.

Agenda overview
Agenda Overview



General meeting:Opening Forum

June 29 morning

Topic 1:Translational Medicine and Drug Innovation

June 29, afternoon

Topic 2:Nucleic acid drugs and mRNA tumor vaccines

June 30

Topic 3:Next generation cell therapy

June 29 afternoon - June 30

Topic 4:Antibody drug development and technology

June 29 afternoon - June 30

Topic 5:Immunodrug development

June 29, afternoon

Topic 6:Gene therapy and vector development

June 30

Topic 7:CNS drug development

June 29, afternoon

Topic 8:Ophthalmic disease drug development

June 30 morning

Topic 9:Rare disease drug development

June 30 afternoon

Topic 10:Multicenter clinical development

June 29, afternoon

Topic 11:Pharmaceutical BD and overseas cooperation

June 30

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